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'Skins': Dakota Blue Richards reviews 'Franky', teases what's to come

So have you recovered yet? Last night's episode of Skins was a pretty intense instalment full of violence and declarations of love. But we needed more gossip, so we got on the phone to Dakota Blue Richards for some post-show chat.

Of course, we had to ask her about Nick-and-Franky, as well as Matty and Mini. Read on to find out what she had to say about all that, Luke, and whether Franky's downward spiral is over...

First of all, we have to talk Nick and Franky! Why did she laugh at him when she realised he likes her? Is it low self-esteem?
"I think that is why. I think it's partly because of the ridiculousness of the situation. At that point she's quite intoxicated on substances and alcohol as well as the energy of the fight, and I think it's the fact that he's suddenly there in this world.

"The world she builds in her episode is kind of like King Luke and Queen Franky and they can do what they want and it's nobody's business. Suddenly Nick comes in and it's a bit of a reality hit and she just doesn't quite know how to deal with it. So I think that's something that she finds quite challenging.

"Also, she says, 'Why would you even bother with me?' He's come in when she's possibly at the lowest she's ever been and she's saying, 'Look at me. As if I'm what you want'. Because Nick's not screwed up at all - he might like to think that he is, but he's not. He's just a nice guy. Matty's screwed up - he doesn't know who he is and he's not brave enough to face up to his own problems. And Luke is incredibly screwed up - he's verging on psychopathic.

"Whereas Nick is just such a lovely guy. I think she looks at him and goes, 'You're kidding yourself if you think I'm what you want or what you need'. So I think that's probably why she laughs at him. I think you're right - I think it is low self-esteem. But in some ways it's quite accurate at that point!"

Will we see more of Nick and Franky's relationship?
"Yeah, that's definitely a relationship that develops. I think Franky's looking for somebody to save her because she has no idea how to save herself. She's got so much going on in terms of Grace and her parents and what happened with Matty, and she feels completely abandoned by Matty.

"She's just screaming out for help and really appeals to a lot of the characters throughout the series - Luke is one, Nick is another. I think what happens is that Nick is very, very good to her and he picks her up when she is at her lowest point when nobody else would.

"But I think what she slowly starts to realise is that actually she needs to sort her own problems out and as brilliant as it is that he was there at the time, that doesn't make him Mr Right. But that's something that she's got to figure out for herself over time."

Skins, Franky, (Dakota Blue Richards) and Nick (Sean Teale)

© Channel 4

What about Matty and Franky - is there any hope for a reconciliation there?
"You'll have to wait and see if he comes back first! As kind of over as it seemed from the first episode, they have an incredible bond. They may not be right for each other in terms of being a couple, they may not be supposed to be together, but they will always have a connection because they're incredibly alike, and nobody's ever reached out to her in the way that he did last series.

"I think they're just fascinated with each other. And whatever went on in the first episode is understandable - to spend a whole summer with just one person, particularly when you're travelling and you're in a country where you can't really speak to anybody else because of the language barrier, because you don't know anybody - it's obviously going to put a lot of pressure on the relationship.

"She shouldn't have acted in the way that she did and he probably shouldn't have acted in the way that he did but that's just the way it happened. You'll have to wait and see if they can overcome it or not. But he'll have to come back first if they want to sort it out, and he'll have to come back soon by the looks of things or she might be too far gone."

But while the episode was dark, it did end on a nicer note. Is Franky's downward spiral over, or is she still going to struggle?
"I think Franky's always going to struggle. I think she's one of those people who despite being incredibly strong is also quite conflicted and confused and doesn't really know what it is that she wants or what's wrong. I think she blames a lot of things on herself - she's quite self-deprecating.

"So I think she's somebody who's not going to give herself an easy ride in life, but she will also always be alright. She'll find a way through it, and also because she is so good as a person, people want to save her even when she gets herself into bad situations.

"Particularly in episode four she seems to have this mentality of, 'If I jump let me fall, don't try and pick me up', but people will try and pick her up anyway because they love her. So in a sense she's not going to make it easy for herself but she will always be alright and she'll find her way through it."

Skins, Franky, Nick

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Mini and Franky had that (amazing) row - will they ever be friends again?
"I think it's a very similar situation with Mini and Franky as it is with Matty and Franky - they also have an incredible bond. I think having that bond makes them very comfortable loving each other, but also very comfortable hating each other.

"I think they love each other really deeply and they're going to support each other. And I think when Franky's done messing about with Luke and also with the acquirement of knowledge about the situation that they may end up in, which comes in the next episode, I think they both realise that actually, in order to solve this situation and to help each other through it, they're both going to have to grow up a bit. Actually, they need each other quite a lot."

Have we seen the last of Luke?
"Whether or not you see Luke again in the series, I think what happened in episode four really shapes Franky and it's just something that she's not going to forget in a hurry. I think he has had a really profound effect on her and actually, that aggression that he brought out in her, that other side - it's not going to go away in a hurry. So yeah, he's going to be an influence in the series."

What else is coming up for Franky?
"Episode four is a bit of a rollercoaster, but in terms of the overall series, it's by no means over. Although it has a good ending and it feels like she might be alright, that doesn't mean that her journey is anywhere near completed.

"Because for all the things that she has done throughout the course of the episode, the one thing she hasn't done is actually dealt with the cause of any of her problems. So that's something that she's going to need to do and she will do it, but she'll take her time to figure out how she's going to get around it."

So can we expect more twists and shocks to come?
"Oh yeah! I know what happens obviously, but even I am excited to watch it just because I know how unexpected it will be. I know we've given out a lot of hints in the trailers and in interviews, and so people have some quite close ideas about what's going to happen in the series, but I think there will be something you won't expect. There'll be lots of things you won't expect.

"It's just going to be really exciting. I think each character has a really powerful journey this year and everyone's hurtling forward. It's a bit like our trailer last year where we're all falling - it starts off quite peaceful, we're all in Morocco having a great time, and then suddenly we start to fall and all these characters are just hurtling towards the ground throughout the series and they're shaping who they are and who they're going to be for the rest of their lives.

"It gets to episode ten and I think you still don't know if they're going to hit the ground."
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