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What remains is a  4×60 drama written by Tony Basgallop (Inside Men) and directed by Coky Giedroyc (The Hour, The Spies of Warsaw) .

When a new couple, Michael (Russell Tovey Him & Her, Being Human) and his heavily pregnant partner Vidya (Amber Rose Revah ) move into flat 4 of number 8 Coulthard Street, a leak in the loft causes them to discover the remains of Melissa Young (Jessica Gunning) hidden in the eaves. She had not been seen for over 2 years. She is not registered as missing. No one has raised an alarm or even noticed that she was gone...
Detective Inspector Len Harper (David Threlfall Shameless ) is sent out to investigate. It is his last week before retiring from the force and the discovery should be pretty cut and dry: no sign of a struggle, no suicide note, no motive for murder.
Disillusioned and afraid of the loneliness retirement will bring, Len refuses to let Melissa’s death remain unanswered, resolutely offering her the attention she so sorely lacked during her lifetime. Len is determined to uncover the secrets hidden behind the doors of Melissa’s neighbours in Coulthard Street.
Every flat has its own story to tell, in equal weight. In one way or another they all had some sort of connection with the victim:

Firstly, partners Elaine (Indira Varma Luther, Silk ) and Peggy (Victoria Hamilton Lark Rise To Candleford, Toast) who seemingly have it all -both a successful business and relationship, but the discovery of Melissa’s remains causes it all to fall apart. Elaine doesn’t hide her feelings towards Melissa – she never liked her - but Peggy is shocked and upset. Never one to suffer those less successful than her, before long we discover Elaine has a darker secret connecting her to Melissa.
Kieron (Stephen Mackintosh Inside Men, Criminal justice ) and Adam (Alexander Arnold) are father and son. Since getting divorced 4 years earlier, Kieron has struggled to find a girlfriend that Adam approves of. Kieron is the editor of a local newspaper, he has learnt to keep his life professionally private but he also has many personal secrets to hide, and Len’s investigation only serves to bring his demons to the forefront.
Finally, Joe (David Bamber The Hollow Crown, The King’s Speech) who has always lived a solitary life. A stickler for rules and routine, Joe has lived in the house for 15 years and works as a Maths teacher. On Coulthard Street he is the first to point out when anyone steps out of line, treating his neighbours as he would his pupils. Apparently living alone, it soon appears that not all is as it seems in the basement flat he occupies.

By turns Melissa was bullied by them, harassed, or simply ignored. She was secretly in love with one of them. And as we will ultimately discover, she was killed by someone very close to home. What does that say about the life she lived or the society we occupy? And is her killer still at large?

What Remains is currently scheduled to air in the week of 24th – 30th August.

UPDATE : What Remains will air on Sunday 25th.
12 August 2013 @ 11:24 pm

The Line ,written and directed by BAFTA nominated Faye Gilbert, is a tense drama thriller set in a futuristic world about a teenage girl and young boy running for their lives . Are they running away from danger or towards it?

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Jessica Sula has been cast as Layla in Honeytrap the debut feature film from Rebecca Johnson (writer/director of award-winning short film Top Girl and Screen International ‘Star of Tomorrow’ 2009).

Honeytrap tells the story of fifteen-year-old Layla, who sets up the boy who’s in love with her to be killed. The story is based on true events, inspired by several cases that have taken place in South London in recent years.

When eighteen-year-old rapper Troy picks Layla out of the crowd, she is swept into a romance that brings popularity, status and sexual awakening - until Troy discards her and she loses everything. Determined to win him back, Layla vows to rebuild herself in Troy’s image, becoming a heartless, hardened player. But, despite her boasts that she is just using him, she also finds her first true friend in sixteen-year-old Shaun. As the forces she has set in motion start to collide, Layla must choose: between the two boys, between desire and friendship, between power and connection to another human being.

Principal photography will start on Monday 2nd September for four weeks in Brixton.

Ealing Studios are producing Sebastian’s debut screenplay Kids In Love this year with Sebastian also taking a title role.

According to the Daily Mail,the movie is a drama about a group of teenagers who enjoy crazy nights out in London, boozing till the early hours of the morning, and taking drugs. They are announcing that the model Cara Delevingne will play the lead role.

UPDATE : Will Poulter (the Wild Bill, The maze runner with Kaya Scodelario) and French actress Alma Jodorowsky (Blue is the warmest color) are also part of the cast.


The movie starts shooting in September.

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02 August 2013 @ 01:17 pm
Does anyone know the song in Rise part 1 where Cook is at the playground then goes to buy groceries? It's about 9 minutes, 50 seconds into the episode. Maybe it would be beneficial to post any other songs from recent episodes as well?

The first pictures of Freya in her first French project Casting(s) and the synopsis have been released.




Synopsis : Richard is the most powerful casting director in Paris. Everyday he sees a lot of actors who are more or less talented. Everyone of them dreams of being cast in the part that will change their lives.

Each episode will focus on a different movie genre (horror movie,biopic, kid’s movie …).

The tv show (15x 3 min) will air every Saturday in September. UPDATE : the first episode is airing on Canal + (the channel which had Skins) on Saturday 7th September at 12 am.

Source 1 and 2 ( both articles are in French).

27 July 2013 @ 06:06 pm
Why was Cook one of the chosen few picked to return to Skins for this final series?
"I just find Jack O'Connell to be one of the greatest actors around at the moment, and I just find him really exciting to work with. The character of Cook is also a very exciting character, so that's basically why - I just wanted to work with him again."

Was Jack immediately keen to play Cook again?
"Yeah, basically - he was pretty much up for it straight away."

We last saw Cook at the end of series four in John Foster's basement - is that cliffhanger addressed?
"It is, but kind of elliptically - we don't get into specifics, but we do talk about what happened, yeah."

Skins Fire and Skins Pure also avoided explaining what happened in the characters' 'missing years' - was that a deliberate decision?
"Yes, to allow the films to stand on their own. Rather than be constantly referring back to things in the past, we wanted to make them work on their own terms."

Skins Rise has been compared to the Ryan Gosling movie Drive - were those similarities intentional?
"It wasn't intentional - it was something people noticed after it was filmed. It's got a vague Drive vibe - it's not too similar, I hope, but you can see some similarities."

How are the two similar?
"It's just got a lot of driving in it, basically!"

These three films have been billed as the final Skins - is that definite or could you be tempted back to revisit more characters in the future?
"I'm saying 'never say never' but I think it's very unlikely that we'll ever do anymore Skins, at least in the near future."

You've explaining why you chose Cook - what was the thinking behind picking Effy and Cassie for the other two films?
"Again, we felt that we could do most with their characters. We didn't think we would necessarily be able to tell a story with some of the other characters, but for those particular characters, me and the other writers all felt that we could tell interesting stories for them, set in the present day."

These new episodes are a lot darker and more adult - was it difficult establishing that new tone and still having it remain recognisably Skins?
"Yeah… it's a balancing act, isn't it, to try and keep everyone happy. I mean, personally, I wasn't too bothered about keeping anyone happy, to be honest, because this is the last ever series, y'know? There's nothing we have to do - there's no marks we have to hit, there's no viewing figures we have to get, so I was pretty happy to go out there, just do what I wanted to do and hope people like it."

Looking back over your time on Skins, what's been your proudest moment and what's been your biggest regret?
"I think my proudest moment was when we screened the first episode of series four for an audience at the BFI - that was a good moment. It was a big audience, it was very exciting… there were people screaming and fans everywhere… that was very good.

"My biggest regret… I suppose I do regret leaving during series six and not seeing series six through to the end. I wish I'd had the strength and the energy to keep on doing it, but I was absolutely knackered by the end of series five, so I couldn't quite manage it. But I do wish I'd managed to see the whole thing through to the end."

Skins has been hugely influential in the UK, but Skins US was less successful - could that show have worked given time or were American audiences just not ready for that type of show?
"I think they probably weren't quite ready. There's stuff that I would've done differently on Skins US - things that my Dad [writer Bryan Elsley] did one way that I would've done another - but I think basically there were people out to get it and I'm not sure it would've ever worked, really."

Your latest project was Channel 4's Dates - have you been pleased with the reaction to the series?
"Yeah, really pleased. I've been getting lots of nice messages on Twitter and we got really good reviews. It seems to have gone down really well, so I'm very excited about that and fingers crossed for a second series!"

So a second series is on the cards?
"Haven't heard anything yet, but hopefully we'll be hearing soon if we have or haven't got a second series, so we'll see."

You've also released a Dates Kindle book…
"Yeah, it's a bunch of short stories based on the characters in Dates - every single one of them. They're short stories written by various people connected with the show. Some of them are written by the writers - so I've written one, some of them are written by people connected with the show - so Polly Vernon the journalist has written one. They're quite light and easy to read and quite fun."

Was it always the plan for Dates to be a multimedia project or did that develop as it went along?
"It was something that developed as it went along. Bryan's very passionate about producing stuff that goes across lots of different platforms - it was his idea to do the book and I think it's a good idea. We'll see how that goes as well and maybe we can do more of that in the future too."

27 July 2013 @ 01:59 am

» "I did something once, my ghost won't let me forget it."

» "Once you run, you get used to being scared"

» "So you're gonna be my Driving Ms Daisy?"

» "What I like about you Cook - straight down the line, you are."

» "I can't be doing with disloyalty, Cook..."

» "If I do enough, it stops everything."

» "You keep your mouth shut, bitch. You're my bitch now."

» "Let's just get in the car and drive - anywhere."

» "You're Cook, right? So be him."

» "He's dying, Louis."

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23 July 2013 @ 10:47 pm

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