JOC in the first trailers for Unbroken.

Universal revealed the first trailer for Unbroken. Angelina Jolie‘s sophomore directorial effort follows Olympian and war hero Louis “Louie” Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) who, along with two other crewmen, survived in a raft for 47 days after a near-fatal plane crash in WWII—only to be caught by the Japanese Navy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp.

With a script by Joel and Ethan Coen (as well as Richard LaGravenese), along with cinematography from Roger Deakins, it looks like a promising survival story. Also starring Domhnall Gleeson, Garrett Hedlund, Finn Wittrock, John Magaro, Jai Courtney, Alex Russell, and Miyavi.In theaters on Christmas Day.

Another trailer can be seen here


I think JOC could definitely get an Oscar nomination for this (and win a lot of breakthrough awards ).

Some casting news

Nicholas Hoult is still attached to the remake of Birdsong.He'll play a young Englishman who passes through a tempestuous and clandestine love affair with an older women in France, also enters a claustrophobic world of terror in the tunnels beneath the trenches of No Man's Land and leads his unit into history's bloodiest and most horrific offensive - the Battle of the Somme.

Nick is also confirmed to be cast in Equals with Kirsten Stewart.

Joe Cole filmed the movie Pressure with Matthew Goode (the movie is directed by the director of Offender).which  is about four deep sea divers who become trapped in their saturation bell at the bottom of the ocean off the Kenyan coast.

He also filmed the beatnik movie The falling with Maisie Williams . It’s the story of a troubled girl at the centre of a mysterious fainting epidemic, who is determined to discover the cause of the malady spreading through her British all-girl school in 1969, a year when the whole world seems poised on the brink of change.

Joe was training for Slap where he’ll play a cross-dressing boxer. It looks like Slap is a short movie with Eliott Tittensor (Kaya's bf).

Daniel Kaluuya has been cast in Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire with Dev Patel ) first tv show on Channel 4 : Babylon. Babylon takes a wry look at the people and politics in the command rooms and on the frontlines of a modern police force, as it attempts to uphold the peace under constant scrutiny.

In need of a public image revamp chief constable Richard Miller (Jimmy Nesbitt) has found just the woman to do it: Liz Garvey (Brit Marling) – an American visionary from the world of new media, parachuted in to revolutionise a PR department struggling to keep up in an age of rolling news, smart phones and a news-breaking, information-hungry public.

Britt Marling (Another Earth) is the lead ,James Nesbitt (The hobbit) and Adam Deacon (Kidulthood) are also in the cast.Kaluuya is a filmmaker following the force. The pilot aired a few days ago and the full series will star shooting in March.

Daniel was in the play “A season in the Congo ” directed by Joe Wright (Atonement,Anna Karenina) with Chiwetel Ejiofor which could be made into a movie.

Kat Prescott landed the lead part of MTV's new drama pilot Finding Carter a family coming-of-age drama that centers on a teenager who learns that her mother abducted her as a child and that she has a twin sister (and a little brother).She also joining the cast of  Reign (CW).

Antonia Clarke appeared in the Thirteenth tale with Olivia Colman and Sophie Turner. She filmed the new Woody Allen movie ” Magic in the moonlight ” this summer in Nice (South of France ). There’s no details on her part or the plot of the movie other than the fact that it’s a romcom set in the 1920s along the Côte d’Azur in France. The cast includes Emma Stone,Colin Firth and Jacki Weaver.
She also finished shooting the movie Altar.

Sean Teale and Georgia Groome (Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, London to Brighton) will film a short movie “Graduation Afternoon” based on Stephen King’s short story.On the afternoon of her high school graduation, Jane meets up with her boyfriend Bruce to discuss the future of their relationship.  But what they don’t know, is that they’re just hours away from being swept up in a terrorist attack. More infos in the kickstarter page.
He's currently shooting the  thriller movie Survivor with Pierce Brosnan (James Bond, A long way down with Joe Cole), Angela Bassett (AHS),Milla Jovovich(Resident Evil) ,Emma Thompson (Harry Potter) and Dylan McDermott (AHS , The perks of being a wallflower).A Foreign Service Officer in London tries to prevent a terrorist attack set in New York, but is forced to go on the run after she is framed for crimes she didn’t commit.

Freya Mavor filmed the second season of Casting(s) and she'll be back on our screen in March with New Worlds (and Joe Dempsie is in too).

Lily Loveless is a guest star in DCI Banks ( Monday Feb 17).
Alex Arnold is a guest star in the third season of Silk (the series starts on Mon 24 Feb 2014).

Fancydressmasks : thanks for the previous post !

cast's current/upcoming projects

I know this community isn't very active recently, but I've just been looking into what the actors are doing currently and thought I'd share my findings, though a lot of you might already know.

Nicholas Hoult has finished filming Young Ones, a dystopian drama following the life of a teenage boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) who sets out to protect his family in a near-future in which water is scarce. He stars as Flem Lever, alongside McPhee, Michael Shannon and Elle Fanning. It is expected to be released in Jan, 2014 (USA). He has also finished filming X-Men: Days of Future Past (May, 2014, USA), Mad Max: Fury Road (May, 2015, USA), and adaptation of Gillian Flynn's mystery/thriller novel, Dark Places ("A woman who survived the brutal killing of her family as a child is forced to confront the events of that day by a secret society obsessed with solving notorious crimes") as Lyle, alongside Charlize Theron, Chloe Moretz and Christina Hendricks. Expected to be released in September, 2014 (USA).

Collapse )
Did anyone catch any of the cast's recently released projects? If so, what did you think? I saw Will in About Time, in which he plays a secondary character (not just a bit part as I had thought), which was very good and got great reviews, as well as Freya in Sunshine on Leith - probably not everyone's kind of film but I loved it and fell in love with Freya all over again. The film also got pretty good reviews.

Also, what kind of roles would you like to see everyone in in the future? Are there any particular roles or future adaptations you'd love to see them in?

Jack O'Connell shortlisted for another US project !

Jack O'Connell has been shortlisted to audition for the lead part (Reed Richards aka  Mr Fantastic ) in the Fantastic Four remake. Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) and Miles Teller (Project X,The Spectacular Now) will also audition for the same part as JOC.

Michael B Jordan (Friday Night Lights, The Wire, Fruitvale Station) could play Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch).
Finally Saoirse Ronan(Hanna, Atonement) ,Kate Mara(American Horror Story,House of Cards) and Margot Robbie (Pan Am, The wolf of wall street,About Time) will audition for the female lead part.

Source :

Freya Mavor singing in Sunshine on Leith and speaking French in Casting(s)

You can hear Freya sing in three clips from Sunshine on Leith . The movie soundtrack can be bought on Itunes and Amazon.

You can also hear Freya speaking French in her first Casting(s)  (she is in at least three other episodes ) :

Translation (I'm French and I speak a little of Arabic) :

Richard : You need to speak Arabic since the movie is based in the suburbs of Ouarzazate. The movie is produced by Scorsese and will be shown in the USA.So it’s a huge movie . You speak Arabic ?

Actor : Yes, I’m fluent.

                                        The desert’s pearls

Freya : This was the moment an old man advised me to take a bus to Casablanca

Ali Marhyar (he played the prisoner in Zero Dark Thirty) : It’s not possible

Freya : Yes I swear he told me to take the bus to Casablanca and then …

Ali : You were saying to Casablanca …

Freya : Yes ! To Casablanca !

François : Sorry what ?

Richard : Which dialect do you speak ?

François  : Almost all of them .

Richard : Great ! Come in ! Let’s do the questioning scene ! Action !

Freya : They asked me why I was there …

Ali : Sorry the doe (/gazelle), I’m stopping the scene because I was thinking and there’s no direct bus to Casablanca. I’m from Morroco so I know . You need to stop at Birji ,take the little train to Derb Sultani and then the boat to Casablanca.

Actors : Come on !

Richard : Answer them something in Arabic !

François “trying” to speak Arabic.

Freya : For those fresh dates , I’m going to rest now

Ali : There’s no  fresh dates near Debarhashi (?) in February .

Richard: Stop it ! Stop it !

François  “trying” to speak Arabic .

Richard  : I think they don’t understand.

Old actor : Nothing !

François : I’m not surprised since it’s a dialect used in the south of the country.

Old actor : He’s not an Arab.

Richard : I don’t care if you have doubts ! You’re a comedian and we’re paying you to believe what you’re telling us ! So stop !

Ali : Yes ! Allo ? Yes ,auntie Hnina,it’s Ali ! Congratulations on the 305 (an old French car). I saw the picture , it’s awesome ! By the way,I’m at work and we were wondering a few things

Actors : Come on , speak !

François  : Inch allah ? (God willing (hopefully))

Ali : Do you have a pen ?

Richard : Stop ! Enough with your 305, Abdelzak ,Abdelsantali (fake Arabic names) ! I don’t care ! Fuck off ! You’re not doing the casting anymore !

Ali : Wait Richard , I’m sorry ! I’m not a Morroccan , I’ve never been there ! I was pretending just to have the part ! Let’s do the scene with Freya again ! Freya ,come back !

Richard : François , I just had the producers on the phone and you’re going to Morrocco for 6 months ! You got the part , that’s  awesome !

François : I don’t speak Arabic ! I was lying ! I don’t speak the language !

Sources :

I also read that Nina Gold (casting director of GOT and the next Star Wars movie) did the casting for Sunshine on Leith so it would be nice if Freya and/or Antonia got a part or even auditionned for GOT or Star Wars.

Trailer and clip for Starred up

Eric (Jack O'Connell) arrives at his new prison cell with his explosive temper intact. His first priority is to handcraft a weapon for protection against older inmates. But after a violent incident, Eric barely escapes a brutal punishment from the guards. He is saved only by Oliver, the resident prison counselor — played by Rupert Friend (Homeland) — who diffuses the situation. A fragile bond is formed and Eric reluctantly agrees to join Oliver's therapy sessions. Concerned that Eric may need more assistance to navigate the prison's complex webs of alliances and aggressive racial prejudices, the prison boss calls upon Neville (Ben Mendelsohn - Animal Kingdom ;The place beyond the pines -), a fellow inmate, to keep him in line. Neville is Eric's father.

Trailer (NSFW) :

Clip :

The movie was at the Telluride Film Festival and at Toronto. All the reviews are praising Jack's performance and saying JOC is the new Tom Hardy.

The movie will be at the London film festival in October and tickets can be bought on the 20-09-2013 at 12:00 PM here .

Source 1, 2
i just can't get enough electric shocks

You Float Like A Feather In A Beautiful World [a Grace Violet Blood fanmix]

Title: You Float Like A Feather In A Beautiful World
Subject: Grace Violet Blood (Grace/Rich)
Warnings: Spoilers for the series 5 & 6
Notes: Featuring Fiona Apple, Gregory & the Hawk, Lotte Kestner and others. Links to full album art, tracklisting, and download links under the fake cut.

( yesterday, love was just a word to say )

Some Hardlet news : Jessica and Alex next projects

Jessica has been cast as the lead in the movie Honeytrap.

Set in Brixton and inspired by true events, the film is seen from a teenage girl’s point-of-view. It tells the story of 15-year-old Layla, who gets sucked into gang activity and sets up the boy who’s in love with her to be killed. Jessica Sula (Skins) stars as Layla alongside Lucien Laviscount (Waterloo Road,Skins Rise), Ntonga Mwanza (Leave to Remain) and Naomi Ryan (Doctor Who).
The movie started its four-week shoot in Brixton today.

Alexander Arnold landed a guest role in series 3 of Silk with Rupert Penry-Jones and Maxine Peake ( Amy Wren -Effy's colleague in Skins Fire is in this too).

Source :

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