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Video - Best Sex Scenes on Skins

These are my personal favorite sex scenes from the British drama SKINS. There's something unique about each of them that really make them stand out. Chris & Jal's scene uses humor and anticipation, Cook & Pandora's is a beautiful scene on the loss of innocence of one character (Pandora) and the retreat to innocence and sweetness of the other (Cook). Cassie and Sid's scene is desperate and passionate. Skins' sex scenes are always so creative and don't try to be shocking; they stay true to the characters and the mood of the scene. Plus they're all very hot!

(FIXED LINK - Watch it here!) It should show all of it. It ends with Effy/Cook.
(YouTube Version)

Tags: - fanvids, pairing: chris/jal, pairing: cook/effy, pairing: cook/pandora, pairing: sid/cassie
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