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my ~skins essay~ which is pretty embarrassing

I write a blog about disability issues with a focus on autism, and for the first few weeks I watched Skins my entire blog was just about how much I loved JJ. I'm trying to combine some of my various posts about his wonderfulness and also discuss what was, in my opinion, his downfall after 3x08.

It's basically a novel. It has chapters and stuff. Don't judge, I have a senior project I don't want to work on.
eta: I apparently don't know how to do an lj-cut anymore.


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SKINS - 407 - EFFY

Woo! *wipes metaphorical sweat* Sorry for the delayed recap -- you can thank whoever took their time uploading the 720p version of the ep for that. We've been working furiously to get this recap up before the finale tomorrow (today..whatevs brits), so we pretty much did what usually takes a few days, in a single day. JUST. FOR. YOU. Enjoy.

Also before we begin we would appreciate it if there was no Freddie bashing in the comments. Only Rophy may dance bash Freds, and we don't necessarily want to read even more freddie hate on our beloved baby-recap-407. It's the double standard we set for our recaps. Sophy says gentle ribbing is allowed though.

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skins s04e04: katie - review

i have so many feelings about this episode. katie developed herself from the biggest bitch in series 3 to one of the best skins characters ever. and has managed to still be the biggest bitch. ok, i have to admit i already loved her in s3, but just because her bitchyness delivered us some of the best lines (thinking of her "you look like microwaved shit" badass message to effy) and because me loves some fierce bitch. but whatevs, this ep has much more to come, so let's start, shall we?

how every episode of every tv show should start

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(caution: really heavy post)
Mini: Skins

Ep 4x03 Recap: Jimmy Cook and the Non-Lezzer Willy Waggle

From afterellen.com:

Once upon a time, there was a boy named James "Jimmy" Cook. At his 17th birthday party, he ate a whole cake with his bare hands. Another time, he stood for student government. Another time, he sold drugs to someone who sold drugs to a dead girl. He said he did all of those things because he didn't care about you or anyone else — about what you do, about what you think, about how you feel.

But that's so very far from the truth. James "Jimmy" Cook cares about his alcoholic, narcissistic mum; about his neglected, wide-eyed kid brother; about his lesbian best friends; about his urban family brothers; about Effy. But caring feels like falling, and everything James "Jimmy" Cook does — the cake, the government, the drugs, the fights — is about taking back control. Power and control. James "Jimmy" Cook is a tragic hero.


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